NYAPT has engaged in advocacy for student and school bus safety for many years. We are proud of our impact on many key laws and regulations that govern our school transportation in New York. We believe our efforts help to keep our children and our school bus fleets safe and secure.

As professionals, we accept the responsibility for advocating before and educating public officials objectively and honestly about the needs of school transportation. We take our role as advocates very seriously. The safety and lives of our children are at stake. We are grateful for the work of our Legislative Committee and the Board of Directors in developing our public advocacy positions.

We are aware of the need to identify and execute measures that will make our operations ever more efficient without compromising safety. Accordingly, our advocacy efforts include recommendations that enhance performance, accountability and cost efficiency are not currently reviewing any state agency regulations.

Below are key documents that reflect our positions on key issues and key source documents for our members to use.  These documents begin with our overall Legislative Agenda which frames our efforts in the coming year.


2017 School Transportation Budget Priorities...CLICK HERE

2017 School Transportation Legislative Agenda...CLICK HERE

2017-2018 State Budget (click on link):


* Legislation and Legislative Memoranda *

We will begin to post Legislative Memoranda once the 2017 Legislative Session convenes.

BILL-SENATE/BILL-ASSEMBLY     TOPIC                                   POSITION MEMO

S518-Young/A321-Magnarelli Stop Arm Cameras SUPPORT

S2403-Marcellino/A4178-Thiele Criminal Trespass SUPPORT

S2587-Marcellino/A208-Lupardo Drug & Alcohol Testing SUPPORT

S5355-Marchione/A1762-Fahy  Pre-K Transportation Aid SUPPORT

No Senate Bill/A209-Lupardo       GPS Allowable for Aid                   SUPPORT

S1348-Funke/A6691-Lavine Transportation Aid Forgiveness SUPPORT

S2404-Marcellino/A7079-Thiele Shared Services Incentives SUPPORT

S4350-Marchione SCHOOL BUS Signage Option SUPPORT

S3276-Parker/A172-Gantt Dedicated Education Fund SUPPORT

S.1023-Funke/A1207-Zebrowski Increase Fines for Illegal Passing SUPPORT  

S.1064-Bonacic /A.719-Jaffee License Suspension Multi-Offense SUPPORT

S.2306-Murphy/A.3955-Ortiz Monitor Cell Phone Use/Accident  SUPPORT

S.1150-Marcellino/A.2124-Pretlow Zero Alcohol Content/License       SUPPORT

S.4683-Sanders/A1083-Hunter     School Bus Safety Task Force        NO POSITION

Safety Issues

Universal Pre-Kindergarten & Transportation  Click on the text to review NYAPT's white paper on transportation issues and needs related to Pre-Kindergarten students.

Safe Schools Transportation Recommendations Click on the text to review NYAPT's white paper and recommendations related to safety and security issues relating to school buses and school transportation facilities.

State and Federal Regulations

We are not currently reviewing any State agency regulations.

In relation to Federal regulations, NYAPT has submitted an extensive set of comments to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding their proposed regulations on Entry Level Driver Training requirements. CLICK HERE for a copy of our Letter to the FMCSA.


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