NYAPT & The Cyr Foundation Marking Sixty Years of Transportation Education in 2018




In April 2006, NYAPT formed a new non-profit corporation to assist and cooperate in conducting educational and public service activities related to school transportation and school bus safety.

The CYR FOUNDATION FOR EXCELLENCE IN SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION is named after Dr. Frank Cyr, a New Yorker who convened the very first school transportation safety standards conference in 1939. That school bus safety conference was responsible for establishing the most distinguishing thing we know about a school bus: it’s CHROME YELLOW color.

On the 75th anniversary of that 1939 conference, NYAPT and the Cyr Foundation secured official resolutions and proclamations from (click on each to view):


The Cyr Foundation is proud to announce that registration is now open for the “TRANSPORTING LGBTQ STUDENTS” educational program we developed in concert with PTSI and Utica National Insurance Group.

The 90-minute course will explore the issues attendant to gender-related issues in our society and in our school communities.  The audience of drivers and attendants/monitors will learn about laws affecting those issues, social trends and observations, student management practices and their own concerns and perspectives on safety for all students.

There are limited dates available at this time for the training program and those are outlined in the registration page.  We encourage districts and operators to look into cooperating with neighboring operations to allow for larger audiences and cost sharing for the course but are eager to bring the course to any and all.

We thank Utica National for their initial investment to allow for the development of this course and we are so very pleased in the quality and excellence of the course content that the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute developed with us.

In the words of one school superintendent who experienced the course in late October: “this is a landmark contribution to our schools and our students and you are to be commended.”  We think you will find the course to be informative and energizing for all who attend.

The fees for the course depend on class size as follows:

  • ·        1-100 attendees:  $1,500
  • ·        101-175 attendees:  $2,250
  • ·        176-250 attendees:  $3,000

If you have any questions about the course or the registration process, contact the office at 518-463-4937 or email us directly.

See FLYER on the program HERE!

REGISTER TODAY!  LINK:  http://www.nyapt.org/event-2369758


The chartered purposes of the Cyr Foundation are to:

  • To support the development and education the professionals who are responsible for the safe and efficient transportation of our school children
  • To conduct various training in the safe and efficient transportation of our school children
  • To educate the public in the safe and efficient transportation of our school children
  • To conduct studies regarding the safe and efficient transportation of our school children
  • To comment, privately and publicly, regarding the safe and efficient transportation of our school children


Our 2016 School Bus Driver of the Year: Rose Winters, Owego-Apalachin CSD, shown here with her Supervisor, Anthony Quaranta.

The Cyr Foundation is proud to announce that Rose Winters of Owego-Apalachin CSD has been named as the 2016 School Bus Driver of the Year!! 

Congratulations to Rose and her supervisor, Tony Quaranta!


MEMBERS of the Board

The Board of Directors of the Foundation undefined listed below – consists of members of NYAPT as well as members of the general public.  We thank these men and women for volunteering their time and energy and ideas to bring this new foundation to fruition.

Thomas WeeksWest Seneca CSD President/ NYAPT
JoAnn Martin Tuxedo UFSD Vice President/
David Dwyer Retired (Geneseo CSD) Director/NYAPT
Paul Chevalier Durham School Services Director/NYAPT
Robert Galloway Sodus CSD Director/NYAPT
Gregory Kern Newburgh City SD Director/Public
Darrin Jock Brushton-Moira CSD Director/NYAPT
Diane Miano Jordan-Elbridge CSD Secretary/Treasurer/NYAPT

SERVING on the Board of Directors

If you are interested in serving on the Cyr Foundation’s Board of Directors you should review the by-laws provisions about the Board and consider speaking to a current or previous Board member about the time commitment and activities of the Board. You may also want to discuss your interest and ideas with the President or Executive Director.

THANK YOU for your interest and commitment to school bus safety and the children!


The Board of Directors generally meets quarterly and will do so during 2016-17, generally on the same quarterly meeting schedule as NYAPT's Board.  The specific dates and locations for the meetings will be posted here in January.


The foundation is a subsidiary of NYAPT and as such the NYAPT Board of Directors plays a role in electing the original Board, receiving reports from the Foundation, adopting its by-laws and amendments and in entering a formal operating agreement with the Foundation.

CLICK HERE to view a copy of the Cyr Foundation By Laws, as amended by vote of the Foundation Membership on December 7, 2013.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Foundation or in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, please contact a Board member for more information about such opportunities.


Frank Cyr, in honor of whom our foundation is named, is known by the school bus community as the Father of the Yellow School Bus, in recognition of his work in 1939 to codify the color of the school bus as National Chrome Yellow. He was also instrumental in leading an effort to develop safety standards for school buses that continues to this day via the National Congress on School Transportation convened every fifth year.

CLICK HERE to view a brief summary of Cyr's career and legacy as taken from the Columbia University archives, where Cyr was a professor at the Columbia Teachers' College.

Cyr Foundation W-9 IRS Form

CLICK HERE for a copy of the W-9 Tax form for your business office


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