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Bethlehem Central School
Automotive Mechanic I

Bethlehem Central School District Transportation Department 82 Van Dyke Road Delmar, NY 12054

•    Servicing of Bus fleet and maintains heavy automotive and diesel equipment; Air brakes;
•    Body work up to and including painting, welding, metal fabrication;
•    Electronic Computer Diagnostics;
•    Checks air in tires, adjusts pressure, changes and repairs tires and tubes;
•    Repairs or replaces fuel pumps, generators, alternators and starters;
•    Tunes engines and sets the timing;
    Thorough knowledge of standard automotive repair methods and the terminology
    including diesel equipment       
•    Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

One (1) year of experience as a skilled automotive repairman
September 11, 2017 - 8.0 Hours Per Day
Step 1 of Salary Grade 11, $45,505 annually 

Apply for this position in writing to:
 Cynthia Jurewicz N.Y.C.D. T,  Director of Transportation
Transportation Department
82 Van Dyke Road
Delmar, NY 12054

Pupil Transportation Safety Institute

- Training Development Specialist

The Training Development Specialist position manages the PTSI NYS DMV 19A Program, which includes courses and refreshers, and develops materials for both. In addition, this position is assigned materials development and instructor roles as needed to fulfill PTSI and / or client needs. 

Education Requirement: High School Diploma or equivalent required. Associates Degree in any related field is a plus.

• 10 years’ experience in school transportation
• NYS ED Certified School Bus Driver Instructor – 3 years+, or equivalent from another state
• NYDMV Certified 19A Examiner – 5 years+; or equivalent from another state
• Documented or demonstrated knowledge in the specific duties identified below 

Having a NYSED Master Instructor Certification, or equivalent from another state, is not required but will be given strong preference. This position involves traveling 7+ times per year. 

Salary Range: $50,000 - $65,000 DOE

Applying for Position: (Must be Received by June 9, 2017) If interested, please submit: 

1. Resume
2. A video of you teaching (30 minutes minimally)
3. 4 samples of your writing (emails, articles, white papers etc.), 
4. A PowerPoint program (minimum 15 slides) introducing yourself to PTSI which includes the following:
      a. Pertinent aspects of your career and accomplishments
      b. A profile which identifies your professional and personal philosophies 
      c. Background on the path you have taken to be where you are professionally
      d. What you feel you will contribute to the PTSI team
      e. Detailed instructor notes must be included within the PowerPoint program
          to allow an average instructor to deliver it at a high performance levell

Note: This program must have minimally one 15 second or longer video clip embedded in one or more of the PowerPoint slides and appropriate graphics on 75% of the slides

Please contact PTSI Office Manager, Chasity Neivel at 800-836-2210 for application submission instructions.

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