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The diamond is signified in these three words. 

The 2018 Annual Conference on School Transportation will mark the 60th time that transportation professionals have gathered to learn and share together.  That makes the this year our DIAMOND Anniversary --- and a time for celebration of our profession and our history of safety.

We invite you, our community of Industry Leaders, to join us in
celebrating 60 year
s of transportation education and to support the excellent programming we have planned for this year.  Today we release our support offerings for this Diamond Year and welcome you to take a look.  The package includes opportunities for year round Industry Support and the Winter Workshop package.

Stay tuned for the full Conference Prospectus to be released shortly!

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In New York State, over 2.3 million children ride a yellow school bus to and from school each day. We believe that the school bus ride should be a safe and secure ride. We believe that the school bus should be appropriately equipped and carefully maintained for safety. We believe that every school bus driver should be fully qualified, licensed and trained to perform his or her duties. We believe that it is our role as school transportation professionals to ensure that all the elements of a safe and efficient school bus ride are met at all times.

A key part of our mission is to keep our members informed about issues and events that affect their work and their responsibilities to the children.  We encourage and welcome you to be a part of our communications effort.



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