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    • 01 Sep 2018
    • 31 May 2019
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    What is the Team Webinar Series?

    One-hour learning opportunities for you and your entire school transportation safety & management team. What a great way to build team-work and a team attitude!  Learn together. Talk about the webinar content with one another.  Have coffee together during the session.  Follow up with plans.  Who knows where it may lead you all?!


    Oct. 11, 2018@10 AM    Moving Up to Director (PANEL)
    Nov. 8, 2018@10 AM    Cultural Competency
    Jan. 17, 2019@10 AM    Create a Winning Team
    Feb. 7, 2019@10 AM    Time Management
    Mar. 14, 2019@10 AM    Emotional Intelligence
    April 11, 2019@10 AM     Work/Life Balance (PANEL)
    May 9, 2019@10 AM    Excel Program Uses

    $150 for SEVEN WEBINARS with facilitator Jeff Olefson of Staff Development Associates.  Take a minute to speak with Jeff at the Trade Show and during the Annual Conference.

    Brought to you by your New York Association for Pupil Transportation

    • 13 Sep 2018
    • 07 Jun 2019
    • On Line Participation
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    2018 - 2019
    Illegal Passing Survey

    We will once again be conducting monthly Illegal Passing Surveys on pre-selected dates.  Be a part of it!

    We are looking for a good sample and cross-section of the state…including from all corners of the state as well as school district size (rural, suburban, small city, large city, etc.).   We would ask that contractor operations that wish to participate sign up for one district that they cover.  The data will be reported accordingly.  

    This will help us to report the data and represent your results to the media and to the legislature more effectively.

    NOTE also that each month participating operators will be sent a new Survey Monkey link to complete.  The link will be sent the day before the survey.  Reminders about the survey will be sent on the Monday prior to each COUNT DAY so that you are prepared!

    Survey DATES: 

    • October  17
    • November  14
    • December  19
    • January  16
    • February  13
    • March  13
    • April  17
    • May  15

    For planning ahead, each survey will ask for:

    • your identification information (organization, chapter, size/class)
    • the number of drivers participating (not the # you employ)
    • the number of passes in the morning
    • the number of passes at midday
    • the number of passes on afternoon runs
    • the number of passes on the right side in the morning
    • the number of right side passes at midday
    • the number of right side passes on afternoon runs


    • 11 Oct 2018
    • 09 Nov 2019
    • Various

    Gender Training
    for School Bus Drivers  

    This course, intended for school transportation staff interacting with pupils, is designed to increase awareness of and sensitivity to LGBTQ students who are riding buses and may be victims of bullying and harassment.

    Attendees will include school bus drivers and monitors. 

    Attendees will receive an overview of emerging gender-related issues in our society and in our schools.  Attendees will gain a greater awareness of these issues and the needs of the students they transport.

    Key Concepts Covered:

    • Key Laws affecting the issue
    • Student Behavior management
    • Personal values
    • Definitions of terms and concepts

    Sponsors and Partners:
    The course has been developed for the Cyr Foundation (NYS) by The Pupil Transportation Safety Institute (PTSI) with financial support from Utica National Insurance Group.

    Where To Start:
    We bring this training TO YOU!

    - Review the dates our trainers are available to conduct the training in your district or operation.

    - Consider joining up with a neighboring district and share in the costs of the program.

    - Select the date that best suits your needs and we will take it from there!

    - Call the office or email us if you have any questions!  We are here to help!

    What We Will Need from You:
    Once you decide you want to set a date for your course, we will need you to provide us with the following:

    • Name of school or company
    • Address of training facility
    • Details on specific entrance to use for the room
    • Time trainers can get into the facility
    • On-site, pre-hours contact number (cell phone) for emergencies
    • Number of participants expected
    • Site will provide an adequate room with screen. Projector, power cord if needed
    • Site will provide refreshments if needed

    1-100 attendees $1,500
    101-175 attendees $2,250
    176-250 attendees $3,000

    What Attendees Receive:
    Attendees will receive the live training, an educational handout with important resource links, and a certificate of attendance.

    DATES: 2018-19


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