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    • 01 Nov 2016
    • 31 Dec 2017
    • Various

    Gender Training
    for School Bus Drivers


    This course, intended for school transportation staff interacting with pupils, is designed to increase awareness of and sensitivity to LGBTQ students who are riding buses and may be victims of bullying and harassment.

    Attendees will include school bus drivers and monitors. 

    Attendees will receive an overview of emerging gender-related issues in our society and in our schools.  Attendees will gain a greater awareness of these issues and the needs of the students they transport.

    Key Concepts Covered:

    • Key Laws affecting the issue
    • Student Behavior management
    • Personal values
    • Definitions of terms and concepts

    Sponsors and Partners:
    The course has been developed for the Cyr Foundation (NYS) by The Pupil Transportation Safety Institue (PTSI) with financial support from Utica National Insurance Group.

    Where To Start:
    We bring this training TO YOU!
    - Review the dates our trainers are available to conduct the training in your district or operation.

    - Consider joining up with a neighboring district and share in the costs of the program.

    - Select the date that best suits your needs and we will take it from there!

    - Call the office or email us if you have any questions!  We are here to help!

    What We Will Need from You:
    Once you decide you want to set a date for your course, we will need you to provide us with the following:

    • Name of school or company
    • Address of training facility
    • Details on specific entrance to use for the room
    • Time trainers can get into the facility
    • On-site, pre-hours contact number (cell phone) for emergencies
    • Number of participants expected
    • Site will provide an adequate room with screen. Projector, extension cord if applicable
    • Site will provide refreshments if needed

    1-100 attendees $1,500
    101-175 attendees $2,250
    176-250 attendees $3,000

    What Attendees Receive:
    Attendees will receive the live training, an educational handout with important resource links, and a certificate of attendance.


    April  5 - WED  
    April  7 - FRI   
    April  12 - WED    
    April  19 - WED   
    April  26 - WED  
    April  28 - FRI

    • 03 Jun 2017
    • 8:30 AM
    • 04 Jun 2017
    • 1:00 PM
    • MARRIOTT at 189 Wolf Road in Albany
    • 46
    Meeting of the NYAPT
    Board of Directors 2017

    8:30am - 12:30pm, Saturday, June 3rd

    A board and committee breakfast will be held at 7:45 AM on Saturday with a donation of $20 requested.

    Note also that the CYR FOUNDATION Board will meet on Friday June 2nd.

    Board and committee leaders please consult Board notice package that was sent out on April 25th for details and further instructions!

    COMMITTEE MEETINGS:  FRIDAY 06/02 will be committee meeting day and committee schedule will be announced on or about May 24th...COMMITTEE CHAIRS are asked to notify Peter Mannella of your meeting needs before MAY 15th!

    All room accommodations will be at the ALBANY MARRIOTT at 189 Wolf Road in Albany.

    Click here for:  RESERVATION LINK 

    Or call the Marriott Reservations Desk at 1-800-443-8952 and provide them our reservation Code: PTB


    Rate: $115.00 per person per night

    Thank you for your participation in your Association!
    • 15 Jul 2017
    • 20 Jul 2017
    • Albany NY

    Trade Show Only
       - Just want to visit the Trade Show? Register here!

       - Spouses and NON-professional Guests

    Evening Networking and Meal Options
       - SUNDAY Evening: Excellence Achieved Reception
       - MONDAY Evening: Wolf's 111 After the Trade Show
       - TUESDAY Evening: 2017 Family Picnic

    We are glad to offer an opportunity for Registered Conference Attendees to bring a non-professional guest to the conference or, in addition, to social events associated with the Conference.

    Guest registrations are intended to allow spouses, partners and/or children (not employed in Pupil Transportation) of Conference attendees to participate fully in educational activities, meals and social events during the conference (EVENIG social activities outside the conference - Reception, Wolf's & Picnic are additional).  This is not intended as an alternate method for registering employees of the Transportation department or office.  Registering an employee of the transportation department or the contractor operation as a guest will result in the Conference Attendee being charged the full conference registration fee for that individual.

    Cancellation Policy:
    2017 Conference - Follow The Yellow Bus Road
    Cancellations must be received in writing prior to JULY 1, 2017 (no phone cancellations will be accepted). Refunds can be made ONLY on cancellations received before 7/1/17.  NO refunds will be made after that date.  $35 processing fee for refunds

    • 16 Jul 2017
    • 12:00 PM
    • 19 Jul 2017
    • 7:00 PM

    The Cyr Foundation and the
    New York Association for Pupil Transportation Present:

    This year's theme of Follow The Yellow Bus Road reminds us of the fact that we are all together on our journey to keeping children safe and that together we can succeed and make everything better.  

    The tie to the Wizard of Oz also reminds each of us that we have the talents and passion and courage to do what is right and what keeps children safe---all right inside of us.  During the Conference and other programs, we should take time to remind ourselves of that fact and encourage growth and the highest levels of professionalism For the Children! 

    Pre Conference Program:  from the NATIONAL
    Saturday July 15: NAPT Professional Development Series Courses

    Annual Conference Outline:
    Sunday July 16: Annual Conference opens (thru Wed 7/19)
     --July 16: NYAPT Awards Reception
    Monday July 17: Trade and Exhibit Show
     --July 17: Programs for Dispatchers, Trainers, Mechanics
     --July 17:  AFTER PART Y @  Wolf's 111
    Tuesday July 18: NYAPT Picnic
    Wednesday July 20: Workshops & Closing


    Registration Fees

    Registration includes access to education programs for the days selected and all daytime meals.  ALL special events (Sun, Mon, Tue evenings) have an additional fee (see below). 

    EARLY BIRD Rates
    --- Available until 6/15/17 Full Conference Registrations only. Applies only to registrations made on-line by 6/15/17.
    FULL / 2017-18 MEMBER / Early Bird Rate (til 6.15)  350.00
    FULL / NON-MEMBER / Early Bird Rate (til 6.15)  500.00

    2017-18 Member Rates
    --- Available only to NYAPT Members in the 2017-18 year. See Renewal Terms below.
    FULL /  MEMBER / Standard Rate (as of 6.
    15)  400.00
    TWO Day / 2017-18 MEMBER    300.00
    One-Day / 2017-18 MEMBER  150.00
    Trade Show Only (Mon 7/17) / 2017-18 MEMBER  25.00

    Non Member
    FULL / NON-MEMBER/Standard Rate (as of 6.15)  550.00
    TWO Day / NON-MEMBER  360.00
    One-Day / NON-MEMBER    180.00
    Trade Show Only (Mon 7/17) / NON-MEMBER  40.00

    SUNDAY Excellence Achieved Awards Reception   $25.00
    MONDAY Raising the Bar at Wolfs-111  $25.00
    TUESDAY NYAPT Family Picnic  $25.00

    Cancellation Policy:
    2017 Conference - Follow The Yellow Bus Road
    Cancellations must be received in writing prior to JULY 1, 2017 (no phone cancellations will be accepted). Refunds can be made ONLY on cancellations received before 7/1/17.  NO refunds will be made after that date.  $35 processing fee for refunds

    Renewal Terms:
    -I understand by selecting MEMBER RATES I have committed to 2017-18 Membership in NYAPT & will be billed separately (if not renewed already).
    -As a non-member selecting NON-MEMBER RATES I am not subject to Renewal Terms.

    To reserve a room under our room block for the Conference and Trade Show, you need to reserve before Friday, June 23, 2017.
         ----CALL-IN Code: PTC    Call (800-443-8952)

    Marriott Albany Hotel:
    RATE:  $123.00 per night

    • 17 Jul 2017
    • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Albany Marriott




    The New York Annual School Transportation Conference will be held on July 15-19, 2017 at the Albany Marriott at 189 Wolf Road in Albany, New York!  The NYAPT Trade Show will be held on Monday, July 17th in the Ballroom of the Marriott.

    This year's theme FOLLOW THE YELLOW BUS ROAD is an invitation to take the route of the yellow bus. Follow that route to safe transport, to stop bullying and to a better start to the school day for the children of our state. In this year's conference, that road will lead to excellent training, real connections with colleagues and a deeper commitment to pupil transportation. That road will lead our attendees through a trade show that is our own kind of emerald city – our Chrome Yellow City. A place where individuals from all walks of the pupil transportation industry can come together to achieve excellence and our vendor members have a chance to really shine!



    SAT July 15 - NAPT Professional Development Courses
    SUN July 16 - Opening, Sessions,  Awards Reception
    MON July 17 - Education Sessions & TRADE SHOW!
                         - After Party @ Wolf's 111
    TUES July 18 - Education Sessions & Family Picnic
    WED July 19 - Education Sessions & Closing Luncheon

    Albany Marriott:
    CODE:  PTC    Rate:  $123.00    RESERVATION LINK
    Reserve by Friday June 23rd!
    Directions / Phone / Facts:


    Applicants who cancel, in writing, prior to JULY 1st 2017 may receive a refund of their exhibit space payment minus a 25% handling fee. Applicants who cancel after July 1st will receive no refund, regardless of cause. Cancellations must be received in writing to the CYR / NYAPT office, 266 Hudson Ave, Albany, NY 12210.


    Sponsorship Opportunities: TBA

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