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Saturday 7/6/24

7:30 AM

Registration for Speaking School Bus- Lower Lobby

8 AM – 5 PM

“Speaking School Bus” - Travers Alabama

Presented by:  Lori-Ann Savino, Retired – Jericho Schools and Nicole Dolce – Herricks UFSD

This session focuses on leadership skills required of transportation managers as they begin their careers in school transportation as well as an overview of school transportation operations.  Also, a great refresher for veteran transportation leaders!

Sunday 7/7/24

Pre-Conference Offerings – Separate Registration

7:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Registration for NAPT PDS 304- Lower Lobby

8 AM – 12:00 Noon

NAPT PDS 304 – Best Practices When Collecting, Analyzing and Using Data - Travers Alabama

Presented by: Dr. Peter Lawrence

This four-hour course will help you decide what data to measure, how to measure it, the best way to collect the information you need, how to analyze it and, ultimately, how to use it to improve your decision-making.

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

NYSED New Master Instructor Presentations -  Travers Alabama

New Master Instructor candidates have been training all year to become NYSED approved Master Instructors.  They will present their final projects at this session.  Attend to support our new Master Instructors and learn new topics to share with your staff back home.

3:00-6:00 PM

Conference Registration Opens for Attendees & Exhibitors


New Attendee Reception Whitney Room

All first time attendees invited

Monday 7/8/24

8:30 AM

NYAPT Conference opens at the Saratoga Hilton in the Saratoga Ballroom

NYAPT Annual Business Meeting

  • ·        Call the Business Meeting to Order
  • ·        Pledge of Allegiance
  • ·        Invocation – Marc Medina
  • ·        President Nugent – Opening Words
  • ·        Approval of July 2023 Meeting Minutes
  • ·        Treasurer’s Report
  • ·        Executive Director’s Report
  • ·        Committee Reports

NYAPT Officer Nominations and candidate speeches.

Temporarily Adjourn meeting to reconvene on Wednesday at close of conference

9:30 – 10:30 General Session

Keynote Speaker - “Leading from the Center” - Saratoga Ballroom

Molly McGee-Hewitt – NAPT Executive Director & CEO

Molly will share her thoughts on effective leadership and explain why "Leading from the Center" will benefit us as we continually evolve our leadership style.  This message, first delivered at NAPT Conference 2023, will inspire you to greater heights and help you shape a more effective path in your leadership journey.

"Leading from the Center is not about riding at the front of your leadership parade. Leading from the Center is about enabling, encouraging and supporting others to take the lead – as you confidently walk alongside your team."  Mollie McGee-Hewitt

10:45 – 11:45

NYAPT Industry Leader Presentations 

Conference attendees are free to attend any session of interest presented by NYAPT’s Industry Leader partners who support NYAPT at the highest level.  Thank you, Industry Leaders, for all you do for NYAPT!

  •         New York Bus Sales – “The Complete EV Strategy from Charger to Powertrain”
  •     Leonard Bus Sales, Inc. -" Navigating EV Funding & Planning Opportunities"
  •         Transfinder – “Running the Numbers on Bell Times”
  •         Bird Bus/Factory Direct – “The Hidden Hurdle:  Understanding How Tax Effects Your District’s Bottom Line Even When You May Be Tax Exempt”
  •         Matthews Buses/Nesco – “First Responder Introduction – Opportunity to Put Your District at Ease”
  •        First Light Safety – “Creating Safer Roads Where Children Are Most at Risk; A Data Driven Approach”
  •     RIDE - Safety Defined: Powering the Journey to School
  •    Tyler Technology - What’s Smarter Than AI? You, Backed by Tyler Tools 

12:00   Lunch Served in the Saratoga Ballroom 

Sponsored by First Light Safety Products!  Thank you First Light Safety Products!

12:45   Gather in Hotel Gallery for ribbon cutting to open Trade Show

1:00 – 5:00     NYAPT Trade Show - City Center Main Hall & Gallery

Attend the outstanding NYAPT  Annual Trade show featuring exhibitors from across the industry. Support our many excellent exhibitors who support NYAPT! 

NYAPT Officer Elections take place between the hours of 1PM- 3PM.

1:00-3:00   Officer Elections - Hotel Lower Lobby (next to registration)

1:00-2:00   Dessert & Coffee - City Center Main Hall & Gallery

Co-Sponsored by Nassau Chapter NYAPT & Mid Hudson Chapter NYAPT- Thank you Nassau Chapter and Mid-Hudson Chapter!

5:00 – 8:00     President’s Reception Scholarship Fundraiser Event- City Center M2 (upstairs)

Join your colleagues and exhibitors in M2 (second floor) in the City Center to close out the day with light fare, music and good friends.

We will also hold a raffle with $1000 payout to the lucky winner to raise funds for the NYAPT Scholarship program. The NYAPT Scholarship program awards four $1000 scholarships to deserving seniors moving on to a post high school educational experience.

Tuesday 7/9/24

7:30 – 8:15

Breakfast provided- - Saratoga Ballroom

Thank you, New York School Insurance Reciprocal (NYSIR), for sponsoring the morning breakfast.

Introduction of NYSIR Scholarship Winners.

8:15 – 9:15

New York State Education Department Update - Saratoga Ballroom

Inho Suh – NYSED State Director of Transportation

NYSED School Transportation Update

AM Breakout Sessions:

9:30 – 10:30

Protecting Our Kids in Loading Zones – Proper Use of Warning Lights - Broadway 1 & 2

Bill Harvey – Retired Transportation Director

Illegal passing of school buses in our State continues to be a serious safety threat to our students. In this session we will review processes and strategies that all school bus drivers should employ to receive or discharge students to maximize student safety.

Transporting our Most Precious Cargo – A Special Education Workshop - Broadway 3 & 4

Jenn Zalucky – Behavioral Specialist – Shenendehowa Central School District

Jenn is back this year to continue the conversation on safely transporting and effectively managing students with special needs on the school bus.

Emergency Planning from a School Transportation Perspective - Travers 

Willie Gibbs – Senior Manager of Safety and Risk - Huntington Coach/Beacon Mobility

You can never plan enough for the many possible emergencies that school transportation leaders might face on a typical day.  In this session Willie Gibbs will give insights on emergency response best practices from the perspective of one of the largest school bus operators on Long Island.  

Embracing Your Agency: Unlocking the Leader Within - Alabama

Becky Carman – Director of Community Relations – Shenendehowa Central School District

In this session, we will explore strategies to enhance your sense of agency, empowering you to make confident decisions, taking ownership of your goals, and navigating challenges with resilience. Discover how to embrace your power and harness it for effective leadership.

AM Breakout Sessions:

10:45 – 11:45 (Repeat 9:30 Sessions)

Protecting Our Kids in Loading Zones – Proper Use of Warning Lights - Broadway 1 & 2

Transporting our Most Precious Cargo – A Special Education Workshop - Broadway 3 & 4

Emergency Planning from a School Transportation Perspective - Travers 

Embracing Your Agency: Unlocking the Leader Within - Alabama

12:00 Noon -1:00 PM

 Lunch Provided - Saratoga Ballroom

Sponsored by Transfinder – Thank you Transfinder!

General Session

1:00 PM– 2:00 PM 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the School Transportation Department - Saratoga Ballroom

Elizabeth Fox – Director of Auxiliary Services, Johnson City Schools

Dr. Oliver Robinson – Superintendent, Shenendehowa Central School District

In this session Superintendent Dr. Oliver Robinson and Director of Auxiliary Services Elizabeth Fox will be discussing the importance and benefits of looking at your transportation department through a DEI lens. Learn what DEI means and how we can become better leaders for our staff and students we are entrusted with.

Sponsored by Wayne Fingerlakes Chapter NYAPT 

PM Breakout Sessions:

2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

Electric School Bus Update - Funding - Broadway 1 & 2

Vinnie Riscica - NYSERDA

Leslie Vishwanath – National Grid

EPA – Speaker TBD

Transitioning bus fleets to zero-emissions is a significant cost challenge.   In this workshop a panel of experts will share the many funding opportunities available to school bus operators to take the bite out of the cost of the ZEB transition.

The After, What Could Have Been Done? - Broadway 3 & 4

David Webb – Pupil Transportation Safety Institute

This presentation will include a sobering reminder of past tragedies, and a critical look at roles and responsibilities that uphold the trust and expectations the community has, regarding our part in protecting their children.  We will discuss steps that managers and trainers should take and tools to use, to create a culture of safety, so they can avoid experiencing the day after a tragedy.

Successfully Implementing Transportation Routing Software - Travers 

Dr. Peter Lawrence & Dr. Rachel Kluth – Brockport Central School District

Implementing new routing software can be a difficult task.  It takes planning to make the change seamless.  Attend this session to learn how it was successfully done at Brockport CSD.

Managing Your Time - Alabama

Belinda Govich – Shenendehowa Central School District

Time management is so important for leaders who have multiple things to do in limited time.  In this session you will hear strategies to manage time effectively by empowering your team to be problem solvers and effective thinkers.

3:15 PM - 3:30 PM- Refreshments - Gallery

Grab a quick beverage and a cookie before the next session.  Sponsored by Rochester Area Transportation Supervisors Association– Thank you RATSA!

PM Breakout Sessions

3:30 – 4:30 (Repeat of 2:15 sessions)

Electric Bus Update - Successful Projects – Vinnie Riscica, NYSERDA - Broadway 1 & 2

The After, What Could Have Been Done - David Webb – PTSI - Broadway 3 & 4

Successfully Implementing Transportation Routing Software – Dr. Peter Lawrence & Dr. Rachel Kluth - Brockport CSD - Travers 

Managing Your Time – Belinda Govich – Shenendehowa CSD - Alabama


Let’s gather in the Foyer at the Hilton Saratoga Ballroom prior to the NYAPT Awards Banquet to see old friends and meet new ones!

7:00 PM - 9:30 PM

NYAPT Awards Banquet - Saratoga Ballroom

The NYAPT Awards Banquet is a special event where we honor our own. On this special night, we give recognition to the many school transportation professionals who are doing great things in the industry.  

Wednesday 7/10/24

7:30 Breakfast Provided - M1 City Center

City Center Lobby

8:30 – 9:30

Dealing with a Multigenerational Workforce M1 City Center

Rose Miller – SPHR – President, Suite Advice, LLC

The workplace is more multigenerational than ever before. It’s not unusual to find employees over 60 working alongside 20-year-olds, and it’s possible to find recent college graduates supervising employees old enough to be their parents.  It is becoming clear that younger employees express themselves differently from older employees. These differences are causing friction between employees, who are struggling to understand and adapt to a workplace where the various generations work, think, train, and communicate differently.  In our session, we will try to gain some insights into each generation's motivations and values.  While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to everyone getting along, some best practices can help the workplace adapt and learn strategies where we can learn to leverage each other's strengths.

9:30 – 10:00


Take a short break and check out of the Hotel if you need to.

10:00 – 11:00

Department of Motor Vehicle Update – Road Test/BDU/19-A Compliance M1 City Center

Eric Ketzer, Beth Archambault, Tracey Wheaton, Craig Mingle, Kevin Kohli

Sponsored by Leonard Bus Sales, Inc.  Thank you Leonard Bus Sales!

11:00 – 11:30

FMCSA Update M1 City Center

Laura Dillion

State Program Specialist


Conference Closing M1 City Center

President Nugent closes out the 2024 NYAPT Summer Conference


President’s Luncheon - Broadway Ballroom

Reconvene Annual Meeting

Farewell to Outgoing President Nugent

Swear in Incoming President Marc Medina
President Medina's Inaugural Speech
Swear in Executive Team and New Board Members

Adjourn Annual Meeting


Convene Board of Director’s meeting - Alabama

President Medina presiding

1:15 – 4:15

Post Conference Session - Travers

USDOT Reasonable Suspicion Training for Drugs and Alcohol

Presented by Needham Risk Management

Attend this training to learn the signs to determine if reasonable suspicion exists to require a CDL driver to submit to testing under USDOT regulation 49 CFT Part 382. 603.



1764 Route 9 - P.O. Box 356
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     Lobbyist:  Andre Claridge, PC Public Affairs

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