This year's theme of FOLLOW THE YELLOW BUS ROAD is an invitation to take the route of the yellow bus. Follow that route to safe transport, to stop bullying and to a better start to the school day for the children of our state. In this year's conference, that road will lead to excellent training, real connections with colleagues and a deeper commitment to pupil transportation. That road will lead our attendees through a trade show that is our own kind of emerald city – our Chrome Yellow City. A place where individuals from all walks of the pupil transportation industry can come together to achieve excellence and our vendor members have a chance to really shine.

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Annual Conference Schedule of Programs & Events:

Sunday July 16: Annual Conference opens (thru Wed 7/19)
    --July 16: NYAPT Awards Reception
Monday July 17: Trade and Exhibit Show
    --July 17: Programs for Dispatchers, Trainers, Mechanics
    --July 17:  Raising The Bar After Event @  Wolf's 111
Tuesday July 18: NYAPT Family Picnic
 Wednesday July 19: Workshops & Closing

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The course has been developed for the Cyr Foundation (NYS) by The Pupil Transportation Safety Institue (PTSI) with financial support from Utica National Insurance Group.

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Welcome! The Yellow School Bus is an American Icon. It is a symbol of school bus safety but also is an iconic image of American Education and our schools.  It represents safety and the best traditions of our schools and education system.

In New York State, over 2.3 million children ride a yellow school bus to and from school each day. We believe that the school bus ride should be a safe and secure ride. We believe that the school bus should be appropriately equipped and carefully maintained for safety. We believe that every school bus driver should be fully qualified, licensed and trained to perform his or her duties. We believe that it is our role as school transportation professionals to ensure that all the elements of a safe and efficient school bus ride are met at all times.


It’s time to sign up!!  The registration link is OPEN for our 2016-2017 TEAM LEARNING WEBINAR s
eries with Jeff Olefson!  This year’s series has new and exciting twists with one ‘guest’ presenter and three webinars that will include ‘panels’ of NYAPT members sharing their experiences and best practices on the topic of the day.

GOOGLE Apps in Transportation - 5/10- COMING UP!!
    This session will provide both an introduction and tips and tricks for getting started with google applications.  We will look at Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Gmail, and Google Calendar with the focus on comparing capabilities and features, commonly used in a transportation department, with Microsoft Office.  Tips and tricks covered in the session will be useful whether you are new to Google applications or a seasoned pro. 

$150 for the entire series and you can register at

Completed Sessions:

Positioning Yourself for Leadership - 4/25
    This will be a panel and look at how to make develop the critical strategic relationships that are going to enable you to be most successful in promoting a positive image of yourself as director and the whole transportation department.   We will also look at how staff in the transportation department can enhance the positive perception of their positions.

Working in a Small Rural District - 3/15
    This panel will consist of pupil transportation professionals from around the state who work in or have worked in smaller rural school districts.  We will explore the challenges of limited resources, difficulty in getting substitute drivers, community relations and collaboration with neighboring districts.  Whether you work in this type of districts or one that is very different, you will gain insights that will help to be more effective.

Social Media in Transportation Setting - 2/8
     This session will explore the trend on the part of districts to use social media to more effectively interact with employees, parents, students and the community.  Communications expert Evelyn McCormack will provide you with an understanding of these tools, do’s and don’t and practical ways to get started.

How to Create a Highly Effective Presentation Using Powerpoint - 10/11
     We have all experienced death by Powerpoint.  This session will show you how to avoid it. 

Selling Your Transportation Budget - 11/15
     This panel will discuss effective ways to present your budget.  Panelist will share ideas, concepts, templates, and samples. 

Ten Ways to Use Excel - 12/14
- 12/14  
As a follow-up to this year’s tips and tricks session on excel and word, this session will look at specific and practical applications of Excel.

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